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Creating Awareness & Support for Endangered Primates

Save The Primates is an Australian non-profit organisation dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of endangered primate species such as apes, gorillas, chimps, many of which are close to extinction, and helps raise funds for specific projects and campaigns dedicated to primate conservation and primate protection within a select group of primate sanctuaries around the world.

We focus specifically on raising funds for primate sanctuary projects that the wildlife sanctuaries themselves have no way of funding. Although able to meet the day to day expenses, projects such as new primate enclosures, education centres and programs and sometimes even animal rescues are all but a dream for those that run the sanctuaries.

Whilst we offer plenty of other primate information on this site, we ask that you read about the project we are currently supporting, The Chimfunshi Project, and help by making a donation. 100% of funds raised go directly back to the project, as all costs are met by Save The Primates.

Teatox Australia

Teatox Australia

Have you tried every diet there is and still have that extra weight dragging you down? It can get so frustrating that you give up the fight and accept the way you are. Over time, the weight can keep creeping up. Not only will you get heavier, you’ll feel worse. You put your health and confidence in jeopardy when you let your weight get the best of you. It’s time to take charge with Teatox Australia.

Get Your Body to Work with You
When you turn to Teatox Australia, you can put your own metabolism to work. Teatox Australia is an easy process to cleanse out the toxins that accumulate in your colon and your body every day. When toxins build up, your metabolism slows down, and bloating can make you look even heavier. Cut down on that bloating with Teatox Australia at www.revivemetea.com.

How Teatox Australia Works
With Teatox Australia, you don’t have to follow a fitness plan that knocks you out or a diet that keeps you from enjoying life. You simply drink Teatox Australia. Drink a cleansing tea when you get up in the morning. Plan on one to two more cups of tea in the evening. Teatox Australia has been formulated from herbs and tea leaves that are good for your body. Whether you stay on the regimen for 14 days or go with the 28 day system, you’ll see results in the end. When you have healthy eating habits and you get moving on a daily basis, you won’t believe the difference it will make. It’s time to help your body with a tea regimen that will cause the transformation you are looking for, making you feel your best. When you feel good, you can do more. When you do more, your body will look it’s best. https://www.revivemetea.com/pages/about-us

Spread the Word With Your Promotional Bags

Spread the Word With Your Promotional Bags
It is always a good idea to take all the advantages you have to spread the word of your company. You want to make sure everyone around you knows about it and learn about your company. But how many different options are available to you? Sure, there is paid marketing and other financial ways you can spend a considerable amount of money. However, there are other ways to go about doing this. Promotional bags at Bag Promotions are inexpensive and can be handed out. With promotional bags, you can easily hand these bags out, and not only do the people who receive the bags see the promotional information every time they look at the bags, but whenever someone else sees the individual using the bag, they are going to see the promotional information as well. 


Everyone loves to receive free gear. The swag given away is a great bonus and when it is something usable they are going to take advantage of it.

That is why you need to make it a quality bag someone might use, whether it is for going to the gym, hiking or heading into work. The entire purpose is not just to make something cheap and hand it out, but to hand something out that the individual is going to use, because this just expands the amount of advertising you receive for the individual bag. So, if you want to make sure more people see your promotional material, the best way to do this is with a promotional bag.

Guidelines for Hiring the Right Digital Agency in Melbourne

Guidelines for Hiring the Right Digital Agency in Melbourne
With time, every business will need to outsource most services so as to survive. There are many companies, which have occupied the online market to offer different services. This creates a high level of competition that can only be handled through proper marketing strategies. Therefore, hiring a digital agency in Melbourne is something that businesses should never overlook. Marketing in the modern world has become sophisticated, thereby making it necessary to involve experienced experts. Here are tips that will help you to select the right digital agency in Melbourne. 

When you are presented with many options to choose from, you can contact people who have had their businesses offered support by a digital agency in Melbourne. This makes the search process easy since you trust your friends to offer reliable referrals. Choosing a company because they promise great returns may not auger well unless their authenticity is verified. 

Use the internet to launch your search if you want to identify the most reliable digital agency in Melbourne. There are groups that offer invaluable information about different companies that have been in business for many years. You can go through all the reviews to know which companies to work with because not every self proclaimed marketer may deliver to fulfill your needs. 

Do not hesitate to interview the agency. Call the head office of the digital agency in Melbourne that you would like to hire so s to hear from them. This allows you to understand more about their company and to get a great way to verify whether the information they have provided is valid. They should offer details pertaining the project and they should not promise what is not possible to achieve just to win you over. Do not be in a rush to hire a digital agency in Melbourne. It is advisable to go slow but get the most reliable group of professionals, who understand what the market needs and how to deliver accordingly.

How To Install Vinyl Flooring Adelaide

How To Install Vinyl Flooring Adelaide

There are many benefits to installing vinyl flooring Adelaide in your home. Vinyl is a good choice because it is economical and resists water. If you have kids and pets, then vinyl is easier to clean than carpet or wood flooring. The key to success for your new vinyl flooring Adelaide is in floor preparation. You will need a pry bar, block of wood and a pair of pliers for removing nails along the floor molding. Use the block of wood to protect the wall while removing floor trim molding. 

Vinyl Flooring Adelaide Installation Tips

Start by removing the old flooring and prepare the subfloor by washing with mild soap and water. Let dry completely and vacuum the remaining dust. Let the packages of vinyl flooring Adelaide acclimate to the room temperature for 24 hours before installation. The floor should be level using a cement patching compound or floor leveler. The first tiles are installed in the center of the room and work towards the walls. 

Floor Care

Care for your vinyl flooring Adelaide by wiping up spills as soon as they happen. Use a vinyl floor cleaner for dried spills. Wash your floor at least once a week with a high-quality floor cleaner. A good floor finish will help your tile return to its original shine and luster. Make sure you do not use abrasive cleaners, detergents or mop and shine products since they will leave a film on your vinyl floor. Never use a paste wax or polish that is solvent-based. 

Once your floor is installed, the temperature of the room should be about 65 degrees. This will allow for proper setting, bonding and curing. Let the adhesive dry by not washing the floor for five days after installation. When moving heavy furniture on your vinyl tile, lay a piece of plywood on the area and walk the item across the area. Your new floors will last for years with proper care and attention to cleaning and waxing.